Concept Design & Product Development  

  • Methodical idea generation for innovative products and solutions.
  • Creation of design concepts considering functionality, aesthetics user experience, manufacturability and impact

Design Strategy for Sustainability and Social Responsibility

  • Development of design strategies integrating sustainability principles and social responsibility to create products and solutions with positive ecological and social impacts.
  • Consultation on implementing design concepts that promote both ecological sustainability and social justice, and raising awareness of the associated values among customers and stakeholders.

Prototyping and Model Making

  • Manufacturing of prototypes and models for validating design concepts.
  • Utilization of various materials and manufacturing techniques for prototyping, such as 3D printing, laser cutting, mold casting, etc.

Visual Communication and Presentation

Creation of compelling presentations and visualizations to showcase design concepts to various stakeholders.



  • Promotion of interdisciplinary collaboration with engineers, product managers, representatives of civil society, makers, and other professionals to incorporate diverse perspectives and expertise.
  • Organization and facilitation of workshop formats and creative design sessions to collectively develop innovative solutions and unite different skill sets for a holistic development process.