Bio Construction

Bio Construction

Tierrita Linda is a living territory of bio-construction and permaculture, where knowledge is shared to create sustainable spaces in harmony with what surrounds us.


Popayán, Colombia

I was travelling through South America in 2023-2024 and joined this project to volunteer in their workshops. During my stay, I became part of the daily life on the property and could:

  • explore the material guadua (a bamboo species) and how to process it
  • experience community living in the colombian country side
  • exchange on culture and knowledge with people from Costa Rica, France, Colombia, Spain and Germany

What I enjoyed most about this experience is:

  • Living with people who care about each other and the environment in which they live
  • Working with a natural material close to its local source
  • Combining individual strenghts to achieve something bigger
  • and pizza night